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86 days ago
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Ask 100 people what their definition of progressive music is and you ll probably get 100 different definitions along with multiple sub-genres to confuse you even more.

Perhaps best remembered for their psychedelic art-rock and flawless pop singles, the Fab Four could certainly let their hair down and fire off some headbangers, inspiring metal architects like Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

Several newly developed residential communities on Green Mountain are designed to complement the landscape and natural beauty of the mountain. They started with Stay Vicious, which I kind of figured, considering it s the first song on Get Hurt and they re obviously going to promote that album.

Love Shac k remains the band s signature song.

Hey somebody can you hear me now Cause my world is cavin in So come dig me out Come dig me out, so come dig me out So come dig me out, so come dig me out So come dig me out.

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